Get to Know Stephen


Stephen Ross

NE Chapter Events Director

Access TCA

Vice President, Creative

Twelve years in the industry


What drove you to be involved with the EDPA Northeast chapter?

It was the people I met at the first chapter meeting that drove me to become involved. 

Some are industry friends I’ve known for years, others are industry peers I respect tremendously. All are authentic and genuine at their core. Together we bring expertise, commitment, respect and ideas to the conversation of how we are going to make this chapter awesome…and that excites the hell out of me!

If you were not in the exhibit industry, what would you most likely be doing?

I would still be a “creative”, but if I were to change industries I think I would redirect my design passion to the outdoors, and become a landscape architect. I love working outdoors with natural elements like stone, wood, plants and water. I can see myself designing and building organic environments that make people take pause, recharge, and get inspired. Yea, I’m that crazy guy in the neighborhood who does all his own landscaping, and likes it.