Friends in Need

Over the past few months we've seen tragic events unfold throughout the world, from natural disasters to the horrible acts against humanity. These events affect millions of people, including some of our industry peers. EDPA Northeast will be contributing and would like to share the stories of a few members of our industry that have been directly effected. Please take the time to read about our peers, contribute to their support, and spread the word to help their cause. Thank You.



Sylvia Parkinson - ATL Events Inc. 

Sylvia and her son both lost their homes to the Wildfires in California.

"My son and I lost everything, our home our neighbors but we have each other. What we don't have is clothes, blankets, pillows, a dog bed. The basic necessities, shoes and things that you need daily. Our friends have asked how they can help. Anything can help and we would appreciate it. This was the best way vs. everyone calling or texting. We are extremely saddened for our loss along with everyone else effected by this horrific fire."


 Samanta Arjune - Office Administrator at Exhibit City News  

Sam was at the Highway 91 concert in Las Vegas with her brother Malcom. Unfortunately, Sam was shot in her leg below the knee from behind as she was trying to flee. She was among the first shot. She is still in the hospital, and rehab for the next three weeks. Sam is originally from NJ.


 David Egan - Installation & Dismantle/ Rigging Manager - Freeman Decorating Company

David lost his home due to the flooding after Hurricane Harvey. He has been a member of the industry for 41 years.

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